Sales Executive

What’s it about?
A real estate consultant deals with high-value property assets. He needs to have a clear understanding of each client, align these requirements with the broader market scenario and be able to deliver value in a complex and unstructured marketplace. His services range from showing properties, analyzing area sales statistics, examining contracts before making offers or closing deals, etc. Negotiation skills are absolutely mandatory to succeed in this field, and these are best picked up by observing seasoned veterans

Clock Work
9 am: Reach office
9-10 am: Overview clients being serviced, new assignments to be handled, etc / sales Meeting
10 to 6 pm:

  •  Oversee new residential assets that have come to the market for sale or lease
  •  Speak to clients and go over their requirements and advise them on new opportunities that have come into the market
  • Take clients for property visits, organize and facilitate negotiation meetings between both parties, interact with other advisors such as realtors who
    represent the other side of the transaction, lawyers, architects, developers, etc
  •  Meet developers to oversee their new product plans, advise them on what the market demands are, understand their requirements, etc. and
    complete paperwork.

6 pm to 7 pm: Internal team meetings

. A great passion for the job
. Assertiveness
. A strong marketing/sales mindset; customer orientation
. Organization skills
. A fair understanding of the dynamics of the real estate sector

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